Hallpizza24 - provides for you a 24h Pizza, Drink and Grocery delivery service in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Please use our online delivery application to place your order. Please provide us as much details about your location as possible. Hotelname, Room Number, Phone Number, Google Maps Link, Street and House Number. All these data help us to deliver the order quickly.If you don´t want to use our web application for your delivery, you can also call us 24/7 under the following number or order with Facebook Messenger:
24/7 Callcenter Mobile: 0 888 993 209 WhatsApp/Line 0 319 329 000 - MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT 8.00$ - under 12.00$ we will add a surcharge of 1$ for our delivery service !!! We deliver within a radius of 5 kilometres from our locations at no additional cost. We reserve the right to increase the minimum order quantity by more than 5 Kilometer.  The expected delivery time is about 45 minutes on average.

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Flammkuchen The Classics

Crème fraîche, 100gr bacon, onions

Sales price: $4.75

Flammkuchen Olives

crème fraîche, garlic, olives, mozzarella cheese

Sales price: $4.80

Flammkuchen Hams

crème fraîche, 50/100gr ham, onions

Sales price: $4.75

Flammkuchen TONNO

crème fraîche, 80/160gr tuna, tomatoes, red onions

Sales price: $4.90

Flammkuchen SHARP FIRE

Crème fraîche, 50/100gr Chorizo, Chilly, garlic

Sales price: $5.00

Flammkuchen FARMERS ART

crème fraîche, 50/100gr bacon, spinach, tomatoes, garlic

Sales price: $4.90

Flammkuchen Make your own

crème fraîche

Sales price: $4.00

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